Install the Files on the Web Server

  1. Locate Folder Structure
    Use Remote Desktop, WebDAV or FTP to open the folder structure of your nopCommerce store on the web server and open the folder "Plugins".
  2. Copy Files from ZIP File
    Open the downloaded ZIP file and copy the folder "Payments.Postfinance" to the "Plugins" folder on the web server.

Activate the Plugin in nopCommerce

  1. Open nopCommerce Administration
    Browse to your nopCommerce website, login as a administrator and open the administration area.
  2. Restart the Application
    Restart the nopCommerce application to load the plugin into the list of available plugins.
  3. Activate the Plugin
    Open the Plugins list from the menu "Configuration" > "Plugins" and locate the "PostFinance" Plugin. Click "Install".